Ninja experience of Hinokuniya(Japan).

Waterfalls climbing. River trekking. Ninja stars(Shuriken). Blowguns(Fukiya).
The world's first Ninja activities!

Ninja experience of Hinokuniya(Japan).
Welcome to Ninja experience of Hinokuniya(Japan).

Experience menu.

Ninja skills River trekking Kayaking
Blowguns/Ninja stars/Fire skill. River trekking. Kayaking.
Pottery making Leather craft Stained glass
Pottery making. Leather craft. Stained glass.
Strawberry Nashi pear  
Strawberry picking. Nashi-pear picking.  


 No.1:Suiton(River trekking). 
 No.4:Tougei.(Pottery making)

Where is it?

 It is near the center of Kumamoto Prefecture on Kyushu Island.
▼ Tategami Gorge is in Hikawa town in Yatsushiro county, also known as fire country!
▼ Kuma River flows through Yatsushiro city and is one of Japan's three major rapids!
  We provide tourism information for the above areas.

How do I get there?

  It takes about 2 hours on the toll highway from Fukuoka.
 Get off at the Uki-Hikawa smart IC (interchange).
 We are about 5 minutes away from the interchange by car on route 3.

Attention! Please take note of this important information!

▼ In bad weather conditions services can be canceled or postponed.
▼ Customers canceling reservations for personal reasons will be charged a cancelation fee if they do not cancel before the day prior to the reservation.
▼ All fees are collected at reception on the day of scheduled services.

Special service (complimentary service)!

Depending upon the course we will give you a data of your adventure taken via waterproof camera and/or you will be presented.


 Hinokuniya Address.
 389-2 Tategami,Hikawa town, Yatsushiro-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-4603 Japan.
  Tel 0965-62-1717    /    Mobile phone 090-8408-0051
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