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★ It is recommended that there are many marks.
10 to 20 minutes by car from Hinokuniya.
AtoZホテル 宮地東小学校 立神峡里地公園
Single room 3,780YEN / person ~
(Breakfast included)
Let's stay at elementary school.
Adult 3,000 yen / pers.
Under 12 years 1,500 yen / pers.

Log House(10 pers.) 16,000YEN.
Lodge(10 pers.) 10,000YEN.
Japanese style lodge(15 pers.) 20,000YEN.
30 minutes by car from Hinokuniya.
Hinagu Onsen Ryokan association samatan-yu Youth Outdoor Learning Center the Toyono
600 Years of
Hot spring Bath History.

Detached house(6 pers.) 16,000YEN.
1 room(4 pers.) 14,000YEN.

Youth Outdoor Learning Center.
Educational facilities.
Adult 815 yen / pers.
Under 18 years 395 yen / pers.
There is a page for
foreign language correspondence.
Single room 6,048YEN / person ~
There is a page for English notation.
Single room 4,860YEN / person ~
(Breakfast included) 
40 minutes by car from Hinokuniya.
Misato Campsite Otachimisaki campsite
Deluxe lodge(8 pers.) 15,120YEN.
Deluxe lodge(10 pers.) 16,200YEN.
Standard lodge(6 pers.) 6,480YEN.
Bungalow(4 pers.) 3,240YEN.
The sea spreads in front of
us and the sunset is beautiful.
Cottage(8 pers.) 18,900YEN.
Minilog House(3 pers.) 6,300YEN.
 50~90 minutes by car from Hinokuniya.
端海野キャンプ場 八竜天文台キャンプ場 五家荘渓流キャンプ場
宿泊施設 大人1名1,240円から
バンガロー 1名1,640円
コテージ 8名18,510円
ロッジ 6名12,340円 
バンガロー 10名11,810円 
キャニオニング九州 熊本No.1火之国屋