Strawberry Picking in Kumamoto Prefecture Kyusyu.

Hikawa town in Yatsushiro-gun in Kumamoto Prefecture Kyusyu.

【Course Name】Strawberry Picking.
 Strawberry Picking in Kumamoto Prefecture Kyusyu.  
Strawberry PickingStrawberry Picking1
Contents of the Strawberry Picking.
Strawberry picking possible from January to May.
 ” Iwamura Strawberry Farm ”  
 You don't have to sit down while you pick the strawberries.
▼Picked Strawberries sold by weight.  
▼Course for all-you-can-eat.
The strawberry picking is from 9 :00 to 16:00.
 Free admission. 
 Please call to mobile number listed below.
 ▼Picked Strawberries sold by weight.  
  170 yen / 100g
 ▼Course for all-you-can-eat.
  over 13 years.→1,300 YEN / person.
  over 9 years.→1,100 YEN / person.
  over 6 years.→800 YEN / person.
  over 3 years.→600 YEN / person. 
  under 3 years.→No charge!
Contact Us.
  Iwamura Strawberry Farm
 ▼Contact Us  
 Mobile phone/090-9654-9213
(Japanese only please) 
 It is easier to inquire by email.
  Mobile phone/090-8408-0051
I can speak a little English, so please speak slowly and easy.
These are necessary.
Meet at Ryuhoku Michinoeki(Ryuhoku Road Station).
  Google map link. → HERE
 It is 100 meters to the east from the Road Station(Ryuhoku).
 875 Ohno,Hikawa town,Yatsushiro-gun,Kumamoto Prefecture.
How do I get there?
  It takes about 2 hours on the toll highway from Fukuoka.
 Get off at the Uki-Hikawa smart IC (interchange).
 We are about 5 minutes away from the interchange by car on route 3.
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