【Suiton】River trekking of Ninja.

Water skills of Ninja.

↓The first half is a scene of Waterfall climbing videos↓
River trekking1 River trekking2
River trekking3
Contents of the ninja course.
Ninja experience in Yatsushiro-gun in Kumamoto Prefecture.
Time:4 Hours. Morning or Afternoon courses available.
  Morning Course.(8:00 to 12:00)
 Afternoon Course(13:00 to 17:00)
 ※You can Suiton from April 27th to October 10th.
 For 3 people the cost is  6,500 YEN / person.
 For groups of 4 to 9 people or more the cost is  6,000 YEN / person.
 For groups of 10 people or more the cost is  5,500 YEN / person.
※Payment is made on the day of the course.
   Customers canceling reservations for personal reasons will be charged a cancelation fee if they do not cancel before the day prior to the reservation.
 ▼Cancellation on the previous day is 50%.
 ▼Cancellation on the day is 100%.
※Cancellation fee will not be charged if the number of people is reduced.
 These items are included in the price.
 ●Photos ●Safety equipment
※There are cases where we will use the photos taken (only for demonstrating examples of the courses themselves to other customers, staff or potential customers).
 Participation is possible from age 8 and up and restricted to healthy individuals.
  For safety some participants may not be able to participate in all activities if physically unfit.
   Heightlimitation is 200cm/6 feet 7 inches.
 Shoes size limitation is 30 cm/USA size 13.
 Weight limitation is 100kg/230lb.
These are necessary.
 ●Swimsuit ●Drink ●Dry T-shirt ●Towel
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Tel 0965-62-1717  / Mobile phone 090-8408-0051
I can speak a little English, so please speak slowly and easy.
Meet at Hinokuniya(火之国屋).
 Google map link. → HERE
How do I get there?
  It takes about 2 hours on the toll highway from Fukuoka.
 Get off at the Uki-Hikawa smart IC (interchange).
 We are about 5 minutes away from the interchange by car on route 3.
Ninja experience of Hinokuniya(Japan).