Pottery making in Kumamoto Prefecture Kyusyu.

Hikawa town in Yatsushiro-gun in Kumamoto Prefecture.
Pottery making in Kumamoto Prefecture Kyusyu.
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@TimeF2 Hours.@Morning or afternoon courses.
@Hand-forming and slab building@1,500~ / person.iNeed postage separatej
@Inlay (inlaying) experience plus 500 / person.

@Morning or Afternoon courses available.
@Participants: 2 to 10 people.
@Customers canceling reservations for personal reasons will be charged a cancelation fee if they do not cancel before the day prior to the reservation.
@Cancellation on the day is 100%.
Cancellation fee will not be charged if the number of people is reduced.
 There are cases where photos can and/or will be taken by staff and participants.
Participation is possible from age 6 and up .
For safety some participants may not be able to participate in all activities if physically unfit.
 These are necessary.
Meet at Higokoudayaki Denshichigama (㍂cā@`q).
@229 Ima,Hikawa town,Yatsushiro-gun,Kumamoto Prefecture 869-4601 Japan.@
@Mobile phone / +8180-5260-8894@iAoki Katsuhiroj
How do I get there?
@It takes about 2 hours on the toll highway from Fukuoka. Get off at the Uki-Hikawa smart IC (interchange).
@We are about 5 minutes away from the interchange by car on route 3.
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