Hikawa town in Yatsushiro-gun in Kumamoto Prefecture Kyusyu.
Nashi Pear picking in Kumamoto Prefecture Kyusyu.
   Nashi Pear picking.
 Nashi Pear picking from August 16 to September 30.
  ” Kinoshita Farm ”  
 Please call the mobile number.
 You can do Nashi Pear picking from 10:30.
 Please be reserved up to two days ago.
 ▼The entrance fee is ¥300 / person and the pears picked are sold by weight.
 You can taste the pears.
  Housui pears cost ¥400 / kg.
  Niitaka pears cost ¥500 / kg.
Contact Us.
” Kinoshita Farm ”  
 ▼Contact Us
 Mobile phone/090-5470-2547(Japanese only please)
 Mobile phone/090-8408-0051(Speak in English slowly please)
 These are necessary.
 @Shoes ADrink
Pickup at Ryuhoku MichinoEki(Ryuhoku road station).
    Google map link. → HERE
 875 Ohno,Hikawa town,Yatsushiro-gun,Kumamoto Prefecture.
How do I get there?
 It takes about 2 hours on the toll highway from Fukuoka. Get off at the Uki-Hikawa smart IC (interchange).
 We are about 1 minutes away from the interchange by car on route 3.
Ninja experience of Hinokuniya(Japan).