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Introducing hotels and cottage around Hinokuniya in Kumamoto, Kyushu.
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Nearby Accommodation.

Notation in order from the nearest inn from Hinokuniya.
Matsuyama Ryokan
Japanese Inn
5 min by car.
Tegami camp site 9 min by car.
Hotel AZ 10 min by car.
Tsurunoyu Yatsushiro
Hot spring Hotel
14 min by car.
Toyoko Inn Hotel Near Shin-Yatsushiro Station.
18 min by car.
Kumagawa Inn Ryokan Near Yatsushiro Station.
18 min by car.
Yatsushiro Hotel
19 min by car.
Miyaji PS Let's stay at elementary school.
19 min by car.
Yatsushiro Grand Hotel 20 min by car.
Hotel Wing International
Kumamoto Yatsushiro
21 min by car.
Hotel Route Inn
24 min by car.
Hotel α-1 Yatsushiro 24 min by car.
Hinagu Onsen
Tourism Info Office
27 min by car.
Ishidan no Sato
Samata Hot Spring
29 min by car.
Youth Outdoor
Learning Center.
30 min by car.
Marine House
36 min by car on the highway.
Tankaino Natural Forest
Park Camping Ground
38 min by car.
Garden Place
40 min by car.
Sakamoto Hachiryu
Log House
50 min by car.
Gokanosho Keiryu
Camping Ground
70 min by car.



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